January 24, 2012
Mabilis (quick) Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted quick updates, so here goes:

The health of my [infected] tooth is slowly improving. I’d like to blame the Philippines for my woes, but I’m afraid I’m just prone to issues. I’ve been lucky with my health overall, and we have free dental/health care (which is unheard of here) so I consider myself fortunate to have gone through 7 of an infinite number of dental appointments in Manila, two rounds of heavy antibiotics, a good deal of pain, a second attitude adjustment (all for free!) and things are finally feeling better! Whew!

My Electricity bill for Nov-Dec was 7.5 pesos! That’s like .30 cents for a month of electricity! I was gone for a good bit of that time, but nonetheless it’s a record! Yay!

I got my second grant! It was pretty much guaranteed to anyone who applied , because it was specific to the sector that I work in, Children, Youth and Family Development (CYF), but it’s still pretty exciting! I’m going to be modifying, translating, reproducing, and training staff on how to administer a developmental level assessment tool so that my center, and hopefully more agencies in the Philippines, will be able to target meaningful and individual objectives for children with special needs, increasing their overall independence. It’s going to be a lot of work, and it’s only $200.00, but I am so excited!!

What else… I can’t say how excited and grateful I felt to get all of the holiday cards, emails, and packages from my friends and family! Everyone who sent a picture/card, now as a special place above my desk (much to the enjoyment of the children—it’s not every day you see white babies and pretty dogs/cats around here)!

I miss and love you guys everyday, regardless of the season!